Water outlet mode of open level faucet

2020-11-03 869

Vertical water outlet is the traditional method of water outlet. Pay attention to the length of faucet when purchasing such faucet. If it is too short, it may lead to hand touching the edge of washbasin when combing.

Skew water outlet means that the water outlet is inclined to the outside. This kind of outlet can save space, and the water can be sprayed to the middle of the pool with a shorter nozzle. However, when the water pressure is low, the water will flow vertically downward when the water is closed, which will still lead to the problem of hand touching the edge of the basin.

Rotating water outlet is that the water nozzle can rotate 360 ° to clean the face. However, some of the lower outlet of the rotary faucet is too short (otherwise it will spray out of the basin when spraying water upward), which will affect the normal convenience of washing and gargling. If the washbasin is too small, it is not recommended to use this kind of faucet.

The extractable nozzle is the water outlet which is connected to the faucet through the hose. It is usually embedded in the faucet, and it can be drawn out when needed. Benefits are free to let the tap water in any direction, but it is necessary to spare a hand to hold the tap when pulling out the faucet.

The wide mouth outlet indicates that the nozzle is flat, and the water flow presents a waterfall like flow when it comes out. Sometimes, a piece of glass will hold the water outlet, resulting in the effect of water curtain. The characteristic of this kind of tap is beautiful and characteristic, but in terms of washing effect, the water flow is small and dispersed, which is not as good as the traditional water outlet method.


It can be divided into screw type, wrench type, lifting type and induction type faucet.

When the screw handle is opened, it needs to rotate many turns; the wrench handle generally needs to rotate 90. ;

The lifting handle only needs to be lifted up to water; the inductive faucet only needs to reach under the faucet, and it will take the initiative to water out.

In addition, there is a kind of water tap that is delayed to turn off. After the switch is turned off, the water will still flow for a few seconds before it stops. In this way, when the tap is turned off, the dirty things on your hands can be flushed and cleaned again.

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