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Shengle Bathroom Equipment Factory, Zhishan Town, Heshan City

Kaiping Shuikou Shengle Sanitary Equipment Factory is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing high-end concealed showers and faucets. It has many distributors, OEM, ODM customers, and can produce products that meet customer design concepts according to customer requirements. The company has won the reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. The company has a scientific and complete production line. All production procedures from rapid design and development to subsequent assembly and testing are completed within the company....


Water outlet mode of open level faucet

Vertical water outlet is the traditional method of water outlet. Pay attention to the length of faucet when purchasing such faucet. If it is too short, it may lead to hand touching the edge of washbasin when combing. Skew water outlet means that the water outlet is inclined to the outside. This kind of outlet can save space, and the water can be sprayed to the middle of the pool with a shorter nozzle. However, when the water pressure is low, the water will flow vertically downward when the water


What are the classification of open level faucets

The faucets in the kitchen and bathroom play a very important role. If water is needed, it is done by it. However, according to the raw materials and styles, there are various types of faucets. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your actual situation. How to choose the specific head of the water dragon? What are the most important aspects? There are two outlets, one is adjacent to the bathtub shower, and the other is adjacent to the faucet under the shower for shower. (2) the multi


How to solve the problem of opening and leveling the valve seat of faucet?

If you change a gasket, the faucet still drips, it may be that there is something wrong with the faucet seat. A damaged gasket may cause the faucet seat to be worn by the metal valve core and become uneven. Perhaps the accumulation of chemicals in the water may form residue, which makes the gasket unable to completely press against the valve seat. How to repair a broken faucet? Of course, you can replace the whole faucet. Another option is to just replace the faucet holder. If there is the right