The influence of the structure of water tap on its use

2020-11-03 126

Speaking of faucets, we are all familiar with trust. Every morning when we brush our teeth and wash our faces, we will touch the faucets. In the process of home decoration, we will also choose the faucets with better quality. After all, the water-saving functions of faucets are related to the pipe thread accuracy, acid salt spray test, flow rate, etc. Today, let's learn about the structure of the faucet.

1. The faucet is composed of main body, valve core, handle, water filter, water outlet, equipment components, etc. Some faucets are also composed of check valve, bubbler, fixing bolt, fixed copper sheet, gasket, bent foot, hose, etc.

2. Pipe thread is the pipe thread of the connection between tap and water pipe. Generally, the accuracy of pipe thread will not only affect the equipment, but also lead to water pipe leakage due to poor thread accuracy in the process of future use of the equipment, and then bring losses to users.


3. The faucet is divided into single connection faucet and double connection faucet. The single connection faucet, as the literal meaning implies, only needs one water inlet pipe and only connects one water pipe, so it can be hot or cold. It is generally used in more common places. The difference between the double connection faucet and the single connection faucet is that it has two water inlets, which can control the water outlet through two handles, and can adjust the water temperature through the control handle.

4. According to the material classification, the valve cores of faucets include rubber valve core, shaft rolling valve core, ceramic valve core and stainless steel ball valve core; according to the application function, there are manual valve core, constant temperature valve core, magnetic induction valve core, etc. Most taps with rubber core are cast iron faucets with spiral opening, which are now basically screened; ceramic valve core is a new generation of valve core material, which has good sealing function, stable physical function and long service life. According to the calculation of opening and closing 30 times a day, it can ensure that there is no leakage for more than 20 years.

Small make-up tip: in fact, when we buy faucets, we should also consider the distribution problem with sanitary ware. The important thing is that the type should be allocated, otherwise it will bring trouble to the equipment, even if it is installed reluctantly, it will inevitably leak; therefore, even if the faucet style is changeable, it also has a distribution rule.

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