Notes on installation of water tap in yard

2020-11-03 770

Now most families use tap water, so it is necessary to install faucets at home. However, the faucet can not be installed casually. In the geomantic omen of the residence, we often hear about the orientation and orientation of the house. Maybe we didn't expect that a small kitchen faucet also has a direction, and Fengshui is particular about it. Faucet is both gold and water in the five elements, which has a great influence on geomantic omen of residence. So let's have a look at the Feng Shui explanation of the faucet and the taboo of the faucet in the house.

1. The faucet is leaking

Due to improper installation or too long use time, the faucet may show water leakage phenomenon, which is often a bad omen for right and wrong. If you do not solve the problem of tap water leakage, it is possible to make home money leakage, and not only leakage, but also leakage. If it is the faucet in the kitchen, because the kitchen generally represents a woman, if the faucet is leaking, it may also bring bad effects on the health of the hostess.

2. The faucet is outside the house

Some people have houses, in order to facilitate the use of tap water in the house, a tap is installed next to the door of the house, but this is not desirable. As we all know, water dominates wealth, but wealth should not be revealed. Some friends who do not pay attention to geomantic omen often install faucets outside their houses, which means that the direction of water flows outward. From the perspective of geomantic science, this will lead to leakage of wealth or cause right and wrong.


3. The faucet is under the stairs in the house

The stairs here are not the stairs of the current urban commercial housing, but the stairs of the house built by ourselves at home. The lower part of the stairs is usually a dark corner, so the stairs are generally simple and dirty, which is a place where dampness and evil spirits gather. Installing faucets under stairs is like adding fuel to the fire, making stairs more dampness and evil. The staircase is a necessary passage for family members, which may affect their work prospects.

4. The faucet is installed outside the wall of the toilet

As soon as the tap is turned on, water will flow out, so the tap is a gap. The toilet at home is a financial position, and the wealth of the family is generally stored in the toilet. It's OK to install a tap in the toilet, but not on the back of the wall. If you do business at home, you should pay special attention to it, and even lead to the decline of home work.

5. The faucet should face the stove or water heater

From the perspective of geomantic omen at home, the faucet to the stove will present a quarrel, rotten peach blossom, leakage of wealth, and even bloody disaster. The faucet in the kitchen must be paid attention to when it is installed. We can't turn it to the stove or bathroom water heater in the kitchen. In the long run, our family's fortune will become worse and worse. If you have this problem in your kitchen or bathroom, it's a good idea to move the faucet away from the stove or water heater. Now the faucet can turn more, if you want to retreat and seek the next, you can turn the faucet to other directions, then you can resolve this bad geomantic omen.

Is it good to install faucets in the house

Tap water is the main source of water, and water represents wealth. If it is ignored, it will not only leak money, lead to quarrels and conflicts, but also lead to diseases, which can not be ignored. Therefore, we must pay attention to the installation of faucets.

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