Key points of scale removal of water tap

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The faucet is used countless times every day. If it is used for a long time, it is inevitable to find that the appearance of the faucet has scale. Once the faucet has scale, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. How to deal with the scale on the faucet? When the scale is found on the faucet, many people will also plan to eradicate them. What is the key to remove the scale of the faucet?

How to deal with the scale of faucet?

1. If the water outflow from the tap is small, it indicates that there are impurities in the filter screen of the tap outlet, which is mostly caused by scale accumulation. The filter screen can be removed, soaked in white vinegar with hot water, and then washed with clean water, and then installed to improve. Because there is more water in the shower, it is easy to present a similar situation. Some sprinklers have soft silica gel inside. After opening, they can also rub it by hand.

2. Wipe the surface with a towel. A slight scale should fall right away. You can also pour the vinegar solution into a bowl, dip the rag in the vinegar, and then scrub the surface. Wash the surface and clean it with a wiper. Then dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure it's completely dry and leave more scale.

3. It's also very useful to use potato skin to remove scale. I don't know. First put the potato skin in the electric kettle, and then add appropriate amount of water to the kettle for boiling. After boiling for about 10 minutes, the scale in the electric kettle can be eradicated and cleaned without any detergent. The key is that the information is very simple. After boiling once or twice with this method, you can remove the scale in the electric kettle It will be found that not only the original scale can gradually fall, but also play a role in waterproof and ponding.


2. The key to remove the scale of faucet

1. When you are cleaning up the stains on the tap, you need to use neutral detergent to clean the coating outside. After washing, clean and soft cloth should be used to clean it. Do not use detergent or some cleaning agents that cause damage to the electroplating surface, such as some detergents and toilet cleaners. They also have some minerals.

2. The faucet filter screen needs to be washed frequently. It is suggested to replace it after a certain period of time. In this way, not only the safety of the faucet is guaranteed, but also the money can be saved. And the faucet filter screen cleaning and replacement are very simple, the purchase of the filter screen instructions above have detailed instructions.

3. When the paper towel is wet, pay attention not to touch the white vinegar directly, but to wear a glove to prevent damage to the skin; because the white vinegar is a certain damage to the opponent, pay attention to it when cleaning the scale.

How to deal with the scale of the faucet? When the faucet has scale, it can be treated as soon as possible, but how to deal with it depends on the condition of the faucet. Faucet scale removal key as above, if you are worried about the household faucet scale eradication is not clean and cause all kinds of trouble, must be able to replace it.

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