The solution to the dripping water of the tap

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In fact, many people will find that no matter how tight the tap is turned off, it will drop drops after drop after a long time. Many people are very thrifty and very thrifty. At this time, they often choose to use a water basin or a small bucket to catch the leakage of water, always thinking that it will save another Some water charges, will always be complacent about this, but in fact we think wrong, can we really save water charges? Tap water, water meter will go? Many people do not know, a waste of money.

Now most of the newly-built buildings will choose the new water meter when they are decorated. Different from the old water meter, although it is also driven by the water flow, its activity is much more active than the old mechanical water meter. Therefore, even if a drop of water drops from your faucet, the water meter will count, even if we are in fact You can't see it when you look at it with your eyes, but in fact, it's also due to the water used in your home. It's also recorded. Therefore, don't have such a fluke mind.

In addition, there is another situation, now some old residential areas use the old type water meter. This kind of water meter belongs to the mechanical type. After the water flow moves around, the amount of water transportation is calculated. However, if the water distribution is too little and the flow is too small, it is not enough to drive the water meter operation. Therefore, in the case of dripping water from the faucet, the water meter does not go.


The solution of tap dripping

There is a plastic gasket in the faucet. If the tap always drips, the gasket inside may be broken. We need to buy a new gasket and replace it from the beginning.

Of course, there are different types of faucets, and maintenance methods are also different. Let's take the faucets with left and right switches as examples.

1. First of all, we prepare some tools, mainly including pliers and drivers.

2. Remove the screw cap on the faucet, and then use a screwdriver (driver) to open it.

3. Then we will take off the rotary handle above the faucet to reveal the valve core combination.

4. Let's use pliers to screw off the valve core.

5. When the valve core is disassembled, we will see the composition of the valve core. There is a red sealing ring inside. We can add a gasket to the sealing ring to achieve good results. If there is no gasket accessory, it is also possible to take the inner tire of the tire according to the size of the seal ring and cut a circle to make a gasket.

6. Then assemble them together again and install them from the beginning to see if they are still dripping.

The article comes from the water tap

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