The solution of breaking the tap or angle valve in the wall

2020-11-03 807

Why is the tap broken in the wall?

Generally speaking, the tap will break in the wall, there are two main elements: one is the quality of the faucet is not good, the other is the improper force to disassemble

1. The quality of faucet is not good

The quality of the faucet itself is not good, plus the time of the equipment is too tight, the time of later disassembly is very simple. It is suggested that we go to the standard building materials market to purchase water faucets. When equipment is together, it is necessary to stop without leakage

2. Too much force during disassembly

The faucet will be broken in the wall, most of the elements are still too hard to open, when opening, you can drop a little liquid at the screw thread to assist, and then wait for a while to dismantle.


What should I do if the tap is broken in the wall?

The above has said that the faucet will break in the wall elements, next let us know a few simple and useful methods, we can refer to.

1. First use a saw blade to saw the tap part broken in the wall three or four to the slot, and then knock it out with a screwdriver. It's OK.

But to remind us: when sawing with a saw, be careful not to damage the screw thread in the water pipe. When I saw, I saw a groove on the top, bottom, left and right respectively, which hurt the silk pattern on the left side a little, so it doesn't matter much to wrap the tetrafluoro belt.

2. It's less than 1 yuan to buy a hacksaw blade, with an average of 4 yuan. After sawing out four lines, you can use a screw driver and a hammer to knock out the inside. It takes less than 20 minutes.

3. Go to the hardware store to buy a kind of "broken thread extractor". Insert it into the broken part of the thread mouth and turn it anticlockwise with even force to take out the broken screw.

4. The screw driver and vice, which are often used at home, are inserted into the broken part of the screw mouth. Turn it anticlockwise with even force to take out the broken screw.

This article comes from Kaiping European style faucet

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