How to repair the water leakage of water tap

2020-11-03 770

Open level faucet is one of the most frequently used items in our family. Problems will inevitably occur after a long time. The leakage of faucets will not only inconvenience our daily life, but also waste a lot of water resources, such as: the tap is not closed tightly, dripping, leaking If the leakage goes on like this, the water charge is not small. Therefore, to deal with it in time, the following gives us a detailed introduction to the treatment method of water leakage.

As for the repair of water leakage, the cause of water leakage is nothing more than the damage of the sealing tape on the part of the faucet (fixing screw). Therefore, as long as the tap is removed by using the plate clamp, a new sealing tape can be rolled on the fixed screw place. The causes of the following problems and solutions are given

1. Water seeps from around the valve core

This phenomenon may be the valve core loose or displacement, the solution is to take out the valve core and re install.

2. After the valve core is closed, the tap still has water

This phenomenon may be caused by the loosening of the pressure cap, resulting in the deformation of the sealing ring and failure to seal the water. The treatment method is to take out the valve core, check the rubber ring at the bottom, reset it and then re install it.


3. Water leakage at the bottom of tap

This phenomenon is generally formed by the water inlet pipe O-ring is not installed or deformed. The treatment method is to screw out the hose. If the O-ring is not deformed, the O-ring and water inlet pipe can be re installed. If the O-ring is found to be deformed, replace the O-ring.

4. Water seeps from the central part of the valve core

This phenomenon is the valve core damage, the treatment method is to replace the valve core.

Kitchen Faucet Repair Tips

1. Remove the handle and look at the faucet components. Remove the nut with a spanner and do not scratch the metal. When turning on the faucet, rotate the spool or shaft in the same direction to screw them off.

2. Remove the screw fixing the washer. If necessary, the screws can be loosened with lubricating oil. Check the screw and spool, if damaged, replace with a new one.

3. Close the water valve, remove the small screw above or behind the faucet handle, and remove the handle fixed on the main body of the faucet. Some of the screws are hidden under metal buttons, plastic buttons or plastic sheets. Just turn the button open.

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