How to do if the shower is blocked?

2020-11-03 786

We need to use it every day. After long-term use, problems will inevitably arise. The shower in the bathroom is blocked suddenly. What should I do? Do you still feel helpless?

Today, I'll teach you three ways to evacuate spray. Solution for sprinkler insertion:


  1。 Use acupuncture. If your shower is blocked by a small hole, let the tap let out some water to see if the hole is blocked. Then you need to turn on the shower. There are many small holes on the shower head. This is where the water comes out. It is direct to pierce the impurities in the perforation with a prepared needle until there is no impurity in the shower hole.

If it can be soaked in vinegar and blocked by a large number of holes, it is very laborious to pierce the hole with a needle, which can not solve the problem. It is recommended that you use acid dust removal to solve this problem. Prepare some white vinegar and pour it into the pot until it can be immersed with the shower. After soaking in vinegar for about 10 minutes, the scale in the shower head can be removed.

Third, the use of lubricating oil is more aimed at the serious problem of metal porous nozzle. It is recommended to use WD-40 for corrosion prevention. This lubricating oil has good affinity and permeability with metal, and leaves a protective film. Let the shower never stop. This method is more suitable for the shower which is not made of stainless steel at home.

The above are three ways to solve the problem. Have you learned? I hope the above can help you.

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